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Joining the Valley Art Association (VAA) will provide connections, monthly programs, exhibiting opportunities, networking with Chippewa Valley artists, fine art faires, and informative and fun art workshops.

Assemblage Project - Express Yourself

March 3 - June 2, 2022  |  1:30 - 3 PM


 The VAA is fortunate to have a diverse group of artists that are skilled in many different art genres. This mix of talents is what makes the VAA a stronger and ever evolving art organization.  But the strength of this organization is not just diversity. Long-term viability is also important. And continuing participation of its members can be a measurement of the strength of an organization's cohesiveness.  

As a membership exercise the Board came up with the idea of an art project that every member of VAA can easily participate in. The project genre we chose is Assemblage of which I will speak about creating my own first assemblage piece.

As a general definition assemblage is a 3D collage.  An assemblage piece combines all types of found items, that can be used as themed materials to tell a story,  offer  a poetic vision, make a statement, have an interesting design,  or none of the above. An assemblage project may have no point of view, but when combining found items can still present a cohesive piece of craftmanship, or art.

The theme of this VAA member project is "Assemblage, "Express Yourself." I took that from a 1989 Madonna song. Taking privilege with Madonna's Lyrics I will inject this:  "Don't go for second best…... Put your art to the test.  Express yourself…."

To explain the basic styles of Assemblage here is an introduction link ( YouTube video by Marc Lancet, that will answer a lot of your Assemblage questions.  Please note the beginning of the video (approximate 45 seconds) has audio only with a black screen.

To start this group project below is an image of my first assemblage. I started this project months backs with an interesting, dried root that I found. When the assemblage idea came up, I begin to collect other found items.  A lot came from my studio stored in containers. I did not allow myself to alternate any found item. My broad theme is a story about wood and what mankind has done with it. But to my surprise my first assemblage project began to evolve.  Because I used mostly Velcro and light drops of glue, I was able to easily add, removed, or moved around found items, any number of times until I felt finished meant finished.

Over the next upcoming membership meetings, to educate and guide, several VAA members, will present their methods and materials as examples of the vastness of styles and diversity, that is assemblage. This project will culminate at the May meeting with the first membership assemblage show. 

My first Assemblage work - Scott Von Holzen




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