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We are proud to be an important link in the active arts community in the Chippewa Valley. Check out all that we've been up to.

VAA Members in Pablo's Confluence of Art Annual 2021

September 11, 2021


SEPTEMBER 11, 2021 - NOVEMBER 14, 2021

October 1 at 6PM

The juror, Lois Peterson, had the challenge of sifting through over 177 images to select 52 works of art that created the exhibit. Click Here to Check it Out!

Nine VAA members' art were selected for the annual event at the Pablo Center.
Jeff Nelson
Constance Heffernan
Scott Von Holzen
Ellen Nelson
Hubert Steve Cole
Holli Jacobson
Mary Hermanson
Lindamerry Udell
Patricia Mayhew Hamm


VAA Members Win Awards at the Heyde Spring Art Show 2021

April 22, 2021

Holly Meier Award - Honorable Mention: Ruth Lundblad - Birch Is Stand. Ruth was able to use the color, light and texture to add great depth to this piece. The contrasts make the viewer want to wonder into the woods to see what was behind the birch trees
Beryl Quimette Award: Tammy Ford - Energy. The energy grabs your attention and pulls you into the canvas! The use of color and layers continues to draw you deeper into the piece as you try to determine the meaning of the power with each additional layer your eyes discover.

Hugh Mandelert Award - Honorable Mention - Karen Clark -  Spirt of the Hawk This technique truly takes photography to the next level. Karen provides the base for the viewer's imagination to complete the experience, one may see a butterfly, one may see an orchid. This piece is truly defined by the eye of the beholder.
The Heyde Center for the Arts' 57th annual spring art show features 67 artists. Note 23 of those artists are VAA members.  This year's exhibit will run from April 18-30 during the Heyde Center's open hours. 

ARTSWEST 42 Judging Complete

March 25, 2021

The judging has been completed and again as last year is "virtual" only.  Click on link below to view the accepted art and awards video.  There were 213 entries from 122 artists and just 32 entries were selected.  Five of those selected entries were made by VAA Members: Holli Jacobson, Val Naber, Mary Elworthy, Ashley Wittling, and Hubert Steve Cole.

Click here to view all the accepted art and awards video:

VAA on Facebook

December 14, 2020

VAA has a Facebook presence.  Click here to check it out.
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