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Joining the Valley Art Association (VAA) will provide connections, monthly programs, exhibiting opportunities, networking with Chippewa Valley artists, fine art faires, and informative and fun art workshops.

WRAP-Wisconsin Regional Art Program 2024 - CONCLUDED

April 6, 2024  |  8:30 AM - 3:30 PM


VAA sponsored once again the Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP) for Chippewa Falls/Eau Claire area under the umbrella of the Association of Wisconsin Artists
WRAP is for all non-professional artists ages 18 and up.

April 6, 2024, was the date of the event "2024 POP-UP WRAP"
It was a one-day event that includes judging of artwork and a workshop (and lunch!).
Co-ordinator, Kathy Stockton-Behnke, VAA President

The location was the Spirit Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI.

Val Naber, Kay Brathol-Hostvet, and Cari Raynae Jacobson discuss the judging procedure which
was about to be conducted while the workshop was in process in the lower level of the church.
There were 17 artists participating in the WRAP Pop-Up program.
The judge was Kay Brathol-Hostvet, who is a professional artist and an experienced WRAP judge.

The workshop was presented by Karen ScarcethMary Hermanson and Jeff Nelson.
It was an interactive experience with these professional artists as they shared theirknowledge.

Upon the conclusion of the workshop, the judge, Kay Brathol-Hostvet, announced and critique the award winners' art.  The Honorable Mention winners: 
Constance Heffernan, Hubert Steve Cole, Sarah Williams, Erin Hill, Ruth Lundblad, and Ruth Meszros.

The State Award Winners:
Mary Hermanson, Christina Chalk, Karen Scarceth, Gerilyn Brasic, Val Naber, and Cari Raynae Jacobson.

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August 5 - October 16, 2024  |  10 AM - 4 PM

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