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Joining the Valley Art Association (VAA) will provide connections, monthly programs, exhibiting opportunities, networking with Chippewa Valley artists, fine art faires, and informative and fun art workshops.

Lindamerry Udell Teaching at the Heyde Center's Special Free Art Classes

September 20, 2023 - April 17, 2024  |  3 - 4:30 PM



Free Art Classes for Local ResidentsArt Chippewa Falls! Classes will kick off in September 2023

The Heyde Center for the Arts is pleased to announce its second-year partnership with artist Lindamerry Udell, visual arts instructor Jennifer Handrick, and art students from the Chippewa Falls High School to offer free art classes to adults (over 18 years) who would like to learn how to draw, paint, and doodle but cannot afford art materials or class fees.

New students ONLY.
The class series will be limited to a maximum of 16 people. Registration is required for each class to ensure that there are sufficient materials available and on-hand; and it is expected that students will attend each of the classes. Please note that registration will be limited to people who cannot afford or struggle to afford to take art classes or purchase the art materials needed.

The first class will begin in mid-September 2023 and continue once a month until April 2024.
The classes will be held the third Wednesday of each month starting at 3:00 p.m. and running for approximately one and a half hours. The specific dates and techniques are below:

Sept 20, 2023 - Drawing Basics I
Oct 18, 2023 - Drawing Basics II
Nov 15, 2023 - Color Pencil I
Dec 20 , 2023 - Color Pencil II
Jan 17, 2024 - Color Markers and Patterns I
Feb 21, 2024 - Color Markers and Patterns II
March 20, 2024 - Watercolor I
April 17, 2024 - Watercolor II
Heyde Center contact:Debra Johnson, Executive DirectorPhone: 715-726-9000Email:

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Lindamerry Udell Teaching at the Heyde Center's Special Free Art Classes

Location: Heyde Center for the Arts, 3 S High St, Chippewa Falls
September 20, 2023 - April 17, 2024  |  3 - 4:30 PM

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